LOW-7000 Socket LGA1366/775, 7CM Low Profile Cooler




The Nexus LOW-7000 cooler combines some of the most advanced technologies in the market used for CPU coolers. Heat pipes, SkiveTek and ultra-thin fins combined with a real silent  PWM controlled fan delivers ultimate performance which has never been this quiet before.

LOW coolers are crafted out of the purest aluminum and copper materials. The heat sink covering the heat pipes and the copper base is made using SkiveTek technology. We have managed to apply the best technologies at the best position on the cooler. And the result is astonishing...

The 120mm fan is PWM controlled and the speed can vary between 500 and 2000 RPM creating a noise-output of an inaudible 15 dB(A) up till a still truly quiet 24 dB(A)

The LOW-7000 is an ideal cooler for your HTPC the ultra low, only 7cm high, cpu cooler with a silent 120mm fan


- copper base

- 4 x 6mm copper heat pipes

- SkiveTek heat sink

- ultra-thin aluminum fins

- for Socket 1366 and 775

- PWM controlled 120mm fan with

  just 500-2000RPM

- only 7cm high!

- perfect for HTPC's




  Cooler specifications  
  Universal application Intel LGA775,  1366
  Dimensions 138x123x70.3 mm
     [LxWxH] 4.84x5.43x2.77 inch
  Materials Pure copper base
    Pure copper heat pipe
    Pure aluminum heat sink
    Pure aluminum fins
  Weight 475 gr / 16.8 oz
  Heat pipe 4 heat pipes of 6 mm / 0.236 inch
Technical dimensions

Fan specifications
  Fan specifications  
  Fan size 120x120x20 mm / 4.72x4.72x0.79 inch
  Fan voltage 12V
  Fan function PWM Fan
  Fan speed 500 to 2000 RPM (+/- 10%)
  Fan connector 4-pin
  Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
  Noise level 15 ~ 24 dB(A)*

Nexus provides the exact details of our noise level test as we feel dB(A) values are difficult values to compare as there are many ways of testing and calculating. In the market there are a lot of unrealistic dB(A) value-claims which are often calculated by means of extrapolation. This in fact does not give a realist view of the fans noise level performance. We provide the real figures, from the actual tests. Judge for your self.
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