The Nexus DiskTwin is an ideal solution to get rid of any hard disk drive vibration noise and resonance. Are you tired of all the hard disk seek and vibration noises? Or is your hard disk creating resonance in your case? The Nexus DiskTwin will alleviate your suffering!

The DiskTwin is made of two pieces of solid aluminum to augment the cooling capacity of your hard disk, plus each piece is equipped with two high quality solid rubber absorber blocks. Just remove the hard disk from your computer and mount the DiskTwin on both sides of your 3.5" hard disk. Then re-mount the complete unit in a free 5.25" drive bay and your done! No more agony!

Medical application
The Nexus DiskTwin is also suitable for medical equipment that requires mounting of a hard disk drive without earthen. The DiskTwin allows you to mount the hard disk drive without any direct contact with the chassis.

The DiskTwin will stop any HDD vibration noise and resonance and will maximize hard disk cooling.


Reduces hard disk vibration noise and resonance.

High quality rubber shock and vibration absorption blocks


Solid aluminum heat sink with thermal pads for more efficient cooling.


The 3.5" hard disk equipped with the Nexus DiskTwin fits into any 5.25" drive bay


  Model Number DTW-2300A/B
  Dimensions 146.81x26.15x18.8 mm
     [LxWxH] 5.77 x 1.02 x 0.74 inch
  Compatibility 3.5" HDD
  Materials Pure aluminum
    Solid Rubber
    Thermal Pads
    Mounting Screws
  Weight 105gr. per unit
  Warranty 3 Years
Installation instruction:

1)  Clean the two surfaces of the hard disk to which the DiskTwin is to be mounted, removing any dust and oil.

2)  Mount the DiskTwin onto the hard disk sides by using the supplied (14mm) screws. Push the screws through the rubber block into the mounting holes of the hard disk and tighten the screws

3)  Mount the hard disk with DiskTwin into a 5.25 drive bay in your system using the supplied (7,5mm) screws

4)  (Re-)fix the connectors to your hard disk


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